Officer, 42nd black watch, Crimea 1854

A few months ago I was asked to paint a new boxart  for a piece of 120mm. This time it was for the British brand Grenadier Miniatures. And it was a special challenge for me, because it was the first time I was going to paint a kilt, with a tartan pretty complex in my opinion as is the Black Watch! To this should be added the difficulty of the size of the piece, as on a smaller scale would be easy to hide a mistake in the squares … but on a piece of this size, any failure would be more evident. In fact, I had to paint the kilt four times before getting a decent result in the drawing!

And on this, I would like to thank my friend Fernando, who was advising me with historical documentation and the paint job. Thanks to him I learned new things.

About the figure, it was sculpted by Moz Corry, an usual at this scale. The piece is casted in resin, with very good quality, and it was based on a famous Roger Fenton‘s picture.

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One Response to “Officer, 42nd black watch, Crimea 1854”

  1. David Wiggins says:

    Beautiful job. My sincerest compliments!